Boulder Community Health

Boulder Community Health has about 500 volunteers at any given time, working 24/7, depending on their desires and availability.

Contact: Cathy Burchett, volunteer coordinator,  303-415-7802

Requirements:  No first semester freshman. Minimum commitment is 6 months, usually a 2-4 hour shift each week, generally in the same place and same time.  Some flexibility with scheduling changes, but generally expected to honor the schedule unless unusual circumstances arise. Interests are definitely taken into consideration.

To Apply: contactCathy Burchett, for an application and interview appointment.

Interview will often focus on your personal aspirations and goals, and committed applicants are generally accepted.

Orientation:  A formal orientation takes place every few weeks. In certain situations this may be done by a questionnaires or other methods. By far, it is easiest to attend a group orientation session.  Safety, confidentiality (HIPPA), Encore Values(the values of the organization) and other topics are all covered.

Background Check: This occurs after orientation.

Employee Health: a 30 minute appointment with Employee Health comes next.  You will need to present your immunization records(that CU and all secondary education institutions require), proof of a flu shot in flu season(or one is administered), and 2 step TB test for tuberculosis.

You may start after the first TB test.  At that point you begin departmental training at the location where you will be volunteering.

Time from application to start  is about a 3 week process depending on the availability of the various pieces (employee health appointments, etc)

What else?  If you do at least 150 hours of volunteer work , you will be eligible to apply for a scholarship of $2000 to $4000, and you can apply up to 4 times!


Over the summer I realized I had some extra time in my schedule. I decided that I wanted to use that time to give back to my community. After asking around and a couple of google searches I felt volunteering with Boulder Community Health was a good fit for me. I sent out an email and started volunteering soon after that. Ever since the first time I went in to get interviewed and trained the entirety of the staff been extremely friendly, helpful, and caring. 

I started volunteering at the Greeter’s Desk in the Emergency Department. There I had the opportunity to interact with many people. I talked with people who were healthy, sick, patients, other volunteers, and staff members. I had the opportunity to see and learn things that you can’t get from a book. Now I volunteer in the Cancer Registry and I am still learning a lot. I will continue volunteering here until I leave Boulder for Medical School because of all of these experiences I have been so fortunate to have.  MK 2/2018