Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lafayette, Colorado

Good Sam is about 15 miles from central Boulder and has about 300 active volunteers, of which approximately 75 are university students.

Contact: Jody Gallo,/ Director of Volunteer Services or Sharlene Ujcich, Administrative Assistant, by phone or email: 303-689-5800 or A packet will then be sent by email or regular mail.

To Apply:

A completed application and two letters of reference are required. Once these are received, applicants are invited back for orientation, which takes place twice month, usually a weekday time and an alternative weekend or evening time.

After orientation, if you wish to continue the process, a background check is initiated. Flu shots during flu season are required and an immunization record should be provided if available. Drug screening and tuberculosis testing are also done.

At this point, an interview is done to help determine where you would like to volunteer.

The time from application to starting your position takes from 2 weeks to a month.


Time Commitment:

Shifts are a minimum of 4 hours/week on a set schedule. There is some flexibility. A minimum of 6 months total commitment is ideal.

Part time jobs may be available.

Administration is considering offering some scholarships, but nothing firm has been decided yet.

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  1. “I joined Good Samaritan Medical Center as a pre-med student to gain exposure to the medical field. I rotated through several different departments. The staff members never failed to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for me. Staff truly appreciates the volunteers and believe that we can provide the best possible care to our patients by working together. My many interactive experiences with patients and staff at Good Samaritan has fostered my sense of community service and made me recognize the importance of building a supportive community.” LT

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