Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center: A local non profit reproductive health clinic, also serving  health needs of trans patients.

Locations: Boulder and Longmont

Application and contact:  application is on the website
You can contact the volunteer coordinator @

To apply: Fill out the application on line. Applications are pooled and reviewed three times a year, usually in September, February and May. Interviews are conducted after applications are reviewed.

Chosen applicants go through a volunteer training, where confidentiality polices, among other things,  are reviewed.  Immunizations and background checks are not required.

About 14-16 volunteers circulate through the two clinics each week.

Requirements:  volunteers must commit to 2 hours per week for at least 6 months.

Volunteers work with staff and the EHR as well as cleaning patient rooms, etc.  These are small clinics and it is assumed that diligent reliable volunteers might expand their duties and might have an opportunity to shadow.

Part time paid positions:  these require 16 hours per week minimum.  An example was given of two part time receptionists who go to school and work <22 hours per week.