BCMS Soiree: Tales from the Jails with Leto Quarles, MD. Sept. 5, 2018

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

BCMS Past President and family physician in Boulder who works with a Denver jail population; and Robert Reardon Detention Administrator for Jefferson County Jail. Dr. Quarles “My weekend moonlighting is at the Infirmary of the Denver Receiving and Diagnostic Center (DRDC), which is the main higher-level acute care medical facility for the entire Colorado Department of Corrections. In the criminal justice world, jail typically refers to smaller local and county facilities (where inmates typically have briefer lengths of stay and some connection to the local community), and prisons are the larger state and federal facilities (housing inmates with longer-term sentences and some higher security). SuperMax is a federal facility, so they have their own separate medical staff, but at DRDC I provide care for inmates from any of the 23 state prisons throughout Colorado; our infirmary is equipped for medium-acuity care comparable to a small rural community hospital — the really high acuity patients go to a dedicated prison ward within Denver Health, or if their medical needs are best served at a different institution (for example, many of the inmates with active cancers have oncologists who are affiliated with the UCH system, so they go to University in Aurora), the Department of Corrections provides prison guards to accompany the inmate at all times wherever they medically need to be sent (how many guards at a time, and what additional security measures are in place, depend on the security status of the inmate and the clinical scenario). Because the state and county systems are parallel, I haven’t yet had the chance to interact with any of the docs or other clinicians from any of the county jails. Presenters will discuss medical challenges faced by incarcerated individuals who have been arrested with multiple drugs addictions, and/or mental health conditions.


TIME: 6 p.m. buffet dinner, 6:30 p.m. presentation begins

PRESENTERS: Leto Quarles, MD, BCMS past president and family physician in Boulder and Rob Reardon, detention administrator of Jefferson County Jail.

Boulder County Medical Society
6650 Gunpark Drive, Suite 100
Boulder, Colorado 80301

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