Spine West

Contact:  303-494-7773.  If there is a position, you will be asked to send your resume and interview.

Spine West offers what they call internships: full time, paid positions in the summer; Part time paid positions during the school year.  The part time positions are typically 16-20 hours per week and duties included scanning, inputting data into the EHR, calling patients.

For post graduates, Spine West offers full time Medical Assistant positions.  These are typically 4 days a week. Training is on the job.  Duties include rooming patients, doing vitals sign, taking histories, assisting with procedures and explaining them to patients,  and obtaining authorizations for procedures from insurance companies.

Anatomy is helpful, but not required.  Turnover is primarily in June and July as medical school starts in August.

Interestingly, David, the manager, also started as a part time student and he is now getting his degree in healthcare administration!