Boulder Center for  Orthopedics

Boulder Center for  Orthopedics is the largest multi specialty orthopedics group in Boulder.

Contact:  Britt:  She is the HR person, and she may refer you on to a head scribe for availability and to begin the application process.

At the time I contacted the office, they had 4 full time scribes and a hybrid medical assistant/scribe.

Requirements: at the time I contacted this office,  anatomy was a prerequisite. and all positions were full time scribe positions for post graduates students  applying to programs in medical fields.

Once hired, 2 weeks of training  begin with a week of shadowing a scribe followed by a week of working while supervised by a scribe.

Scribes have the opportunity to observe surgeries  and the whole process involves shadowing a physician, learning to use an EHR, etc

Testimonials for Boulder Centre for Othopedics:

Scribing at BoulderCentre for Orthopedics has been a unique opportunity for me to work closely with physicians specializing in Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Radiology, as well as several physician assistants and physical therapists. While most scribe positions are considered “shadowing on steroids,” the scribe position at BCO bridges the gap between medical assistant and scribe. This has allowed me to gain significant patient interaction. Furthermore, I have gained several insights into medicine including the busy, yet incredibly rewarding lifestyle of a doctor, the role of teamwork in healthcare today, and the importance of establishing positive rapport with your patients. I am also frequently able to shadow in surgery. Working at BCO has been an opportunity for me to see exactly how I can live out my passion in the healthcare profession, and I greatly value the clinical experience that I have gained here.   -Andrew

Being a medical scribe has allowed me to obtain first hand experience in a clinic setting. A lot of students do not get the opportunity to actually work in a setting where they are interacting with patients, being exposed to the work flow of a medical office, and work with insurance companies to help provide to care for our patients. This job has been pivotal in my growth in these areas that will better prepare me for work in the future. I have also gotten the opportunity to work with physicians on a first name basis, and get to see who they are other than just being a doctor. By doing so, I am establishing future connections for career/school advice and support, as well as making life long mentors. -Eric