Alpine Surgical Internship Program & Shadowing

This program started fall of 2017, “To attract and expose students to general surgery medical office operations”

Contact: Tim St. Louis at

Process: the program started with postings on Handshake.  Send a resume to Tim to begin the process.

At the time I spoke with Tim, 3 postgraduate pre health majors were working full time.

Program Structure: Over the course of 1-2 years, students will gain exposure to the medical, business and administrative components of Alpine Surgical operations through exposure to all positions in the medical office setting.  At the end of the program, each intern will give a presentation that provides an overview of their experiences, lessons learned and any ideas they might have about how to improve work flow, etc.

Time Commitment: This is a 1-2 year process. Student work full time with their assigned departments with the opportunity to attend surgical procedures and operations in the operating room, attend patient physical exams with the physician and formally present project to the Alpine Surgical leadership team.

Placement Process: students are placed in various departments and positions to gain full exposure from patient phone calls, patient check in, patient rooming, treatment, operations, patient authorizations, check out , patient billing, attending hospital rounds, etc.

Other program components: Weekly discussions and Service projects.

Limited shadowing opportunities available for pre med undergrads. Usually a half day.


After graduating from the University of Colorado I was dead set on a career in medicine. However, I had attainted very limited clinical experience during my undergraduate career. Fortunately, I was successful in getting a position in Alpine Surgical new internship program. This…has been very rewarding as it has education me about the various complexities of the medical field. …I have been able to experience not only the purely medical aspects of patient care but also the office work…I’ve worked in the front office and checking patients in and out, scheduling appointments and answering phones. I’ve …created patient charts and billed for appointments and surgeries…I’ve also been able to work on the clinical side, rooming patients, taking vitals and scribing for the providers. The internship …has been extraordinarily rewarding. MP, 2018