BULLETIN BOARD – Volunteer Opportunities

February 14, 2014

Julie Carpenter, MD
Friends of Surmang
13536 Gold Hill Road
Boulder, Co 80302

Dear Colleague,

I am writing on behalf of the Surmang Foundation in eastern Tibet.  We are recruiting physicians to work us this summer.  Our foundation has operated in a 97% ethnic Tibetan region of S. Qinghai Province for over 21 years. We are registered in partnership with the Yushu PH Bureau as the Qinghai Nomadic Health Promotion Assn.

The project  has 2+ prongs:
• A private clinic that has two doctors, both Khampa Tibetans who have been extensively trained by foreign volunteers since 2001. This clinic also has an outreach element through 40 Community Health Workers. Their basic work is as birth assistants and, in an area of very high maternal and infant mortality, we’ve reduced the former to zero.

So our main emphasis is on mother and child health.
• The elements of the clinic model are being exported to 4 government township hospitals as a sustainable prototype. What we do is train their doctors according to a protocol we’ve developed that encourages their KPIs and points toward patient examinations and patient records.

I recommend looking at a video we’ve made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fQzqqumFv4

This year, we’re receiving a grant from the Danish Chamber of Commerce, China to build up to 5 modern birthing centers (depends on the success of their March 1 Gala).

This year we’d like to train their physicians and our physicians on the use of those birthing centers. As well, during the residential rotation, you’d be working with docs on other issues as well as the clinics provide general medical, emergency and pediatric care as well.

Tibet is a very beautiful and fascinating place.  Foreign volunteer docs are very highly respected and appreciated. We support your work with housing, transportation and communication (including translation services).

I was there in 2001 and 2003 and will return again this summer.  Please contact me if you have any questions or interest in working with us this summer.

Thank you,

Julie Carpenter, MD
Email:  juliet@indra.com,  Home:  303 459 9030, Cell:     303 478 0393

Surmang, If you want to save a culture, save a mother.